1. What is the conversation mainly about?
A) A record breaker
B) The environment
C) The new factory
D) Concerning the environment
2. How long does it take to build and operate the new factory?
A) 9 months
B) 10 months
C) 11 months
D) 12 months
3. Nội dung câu hỏi 3...
A) Đáp án thứ nhất...
B) Đáp án thứ hai...
C) Đáp án thứ ba...
D) Đáp án thứ tư...
4. What is the downside of industrialization?
A) There will be crowded.
B) It could be hazardous to people's health.
C) The environment problem will happen.
D) None of the above

Điểm =

  Man 1: Did you see the new  they’re building?
  Man 2: I think it’s a record  they’re going to build it in only 9 months and expect it to operate right away.
  Man 1: We’re slowly becoming an  zone with all these companies around.
  Man 2: At least there’ll be more jobs offer for people in our area and local business will  because more people are coming.
  Man 1: But do you think with all that it’s still safe for us to live in this ?
  Man 2: I guess they are careful not to break all those strict government and company  or else they will be shut down.
  Man 1: Building wise, yes;safe working environment, maybe; what about the environment for the  us here outside?
  Man 2: That is something to think about, I hope the government is looking into that.
  Man 1: With all these chemicals they use and the waste that they discard, it could be  to our health
  Man 2: But then again, I still believe with all those incidents with other company related  they should have learned their lesson.
  Man 1: Fingers crossed.

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